Business and Individual Tax Planning

Tax surprises are almost never happy ones.

Business owners need real-time advice on how their decisions affect their tax bill

We work with our clients throughout the year to identify tax-savings opportunities. And with year-end tax planning, you’ll know months ahead of time what to expect come filing time.

Personal Financial Planning

Have we saved enough for retirement? What is the best way to save for my child’s college education? I’m getting divorced; can I live on the spousal and child support that’s being offered to me?

Nothing in life is constant except change. Laurie A. Stillwell, CPA, P.C. will be there to provide these answers and more when life takes you down a new road.

Tax Compliance

First, tax planning saves the taxes. Laurie A. Stillwell, CPA, P.C. then prepares the required corporate, partnership / LLC, individual, pension, estate and trust, payroll, sales and/or excise tax returns.

Strategic and Transactional Planning

Business owners excel in running their businesses. They look to Laurie A. Stillwell, CPA, P.C. to answer the financial questions that arise and to serve as a sounding board for their ideas or concerns.

  • I have a key employee I would like to bring on as an owner in my business. How do I do this, and what are the short and long-term ramifications?
  • How do my business partner and I protect ourselves should one of us become disabled or die?
  • I’d like to put additional money away for retirement. What’s the best plan for my business?
  • We have a member leaving our professional practice. What’s the best way to structure her buy-out, tax wise?

Audit Representation

Should the dreaded audit letter arrive, Laurie A. Stillwell, CPA, P.C. is there to represent you or your business.

“We have been a client of Laurie A. Stillwell, CPA, P.C. for over 10 years. Laurie is always available to answer all of our questions – accounting, corporate tax and personal tax, as well as a wide variety of industry specific issues which affect our daily and long-term operations. Laurie is wonderful to work with.” – Rebecca Miner, Empire Air Specialties, Inc.

“We have a very good relationship with Laurie A. Stillwell, CPA, P.C. Laurie has taken the time to truly understand our business. Her advice and consultation services have become invaluable to us. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship for years to come.” – Alison Bauder, HostRocket.Com, Inc.